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At Tammy's Ranch, we are Covid-Creative and Positively Pivoting

and have planned an assortment of fun, interactive,


for you, your family, and friends.

Virtual Animal Adventures and Farm Club Experiences

are fun for all ages and abilities.

We've created packages to answer your every need,

from Distance Learning Field Trips for kids to Covid-safe Family Outings where you don't even have to leave home.

Think about adding Creative Real Estate Client Meetings and Board Room Breaks 

if you are a working adult.

Tammy can arrange special tours for Children's Hospitals and

Assisted Living and Memory Care Homes for Seniors.

We have special rates for groups of five or more, too.

Meet your favorite animal at our ranch. 

Choose from Giant Flemish Rabbits, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, llamas, horses, hair sheep, Chickens, ducks, and fowl, Newfoundland dogs, and Maine Coon and Savannah cats. 

Please Choose two animals to learn about and visit virtually!

We also will custom-create just for you, so if you have a need and an idea, let us know.


Remember, Tammy is a California credentialed teacher and has experience with children with diverse abilities and learning differences.


Click on the button to book your interactive Virtual Animal Adventure by phone right here. 

You may also contact Tammy by email. Just click here, and we'll help you out. 

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