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I've always loved and had a passion for animals! I grew up in Mountain View, California, where I raised pet rats, hamsters, and had various pets as a child. When I was in middle school, my family moved to Nevada City, California in the rural Sierra Foothills. On my family's ten-acre property, we raised Barbados hair sheep and also had dogs and chickens on the ranch. After graduating from high school, I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley where I attended Santa Clara University and earned a B.S. in Psychology and a California teaching credential. Soon after graduating, I met and married John Baehr. We now have three beautiful kids and decided, with John’s work promotion, that our family would make the big move to the country! We moved with one Newfoundland dog, Suzie, three indoor cats, and my beloved horse, Ginger. It was a dream-come-true to have Ginger finally at home, after boarding her for many years.

The dream is

now a reality!


Our family homestead continues to grow with new life in every season, and our Tammy's Ranch offerings have creatively answered the fresh challenges posed by Covid-19 . I am now doing virtual Zoom interactive tours with kids and families, and even adults needing a little dose of country, while they work from home. My focus is to reach kids in classrooms and those who are now distance-learning, conducting events for groups of clients for realtors, and to pop into boring business meetings with llamas or other critters, just to keep life interesting!

We offer virtual, interactive experiences for schools, clubs, hospitals, and senior centers.
I’m looking forward to having you come visit me

on my farm!

 Tammy Baehr


We moved to the country where we set up beautiful raised garden beds full of fruits and vegetables. Bringing chicks home to raise was the next project. Soon after, we purchased two llamas (one was pregnant) from a llama breeding farm in Washington to be livestock guardians. I worked on having good organic land management by purchasing Barbados and Katahdin hair sheep to keep the 3.5 acres of grass under control. Another dream was to raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, so Dolly Parton, Lorretta Lynn, and Storm Trooper soon joined our family homestead business as the first of the Nigerian Dwarf goat herd. During our first spring, we welcomed the first baby goats.  Foxy, the baby llama was born the following summer. She is such a treasure! Brea, the miniature horse soon joined Ginger and they are now best buddies! Ducks, guinea hens, and Flemish Giant rabbits are the newest creatures at Tammy’s Ranch. We have two Peking ducks and one tiny Call duck. They delight the children with their personalities and antics, every day!

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Welcome to our California farm life at the Tammy's Ranch located near Sacramento in Sloughhouse, CA! Come meet, explore and learn about llamas, horses, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Flemish Giant rabbits, ducks, chickens,

cats, and dogs.


Tammy Baehr is the owner and host for her farm where she brings the animals to you! She is a credentialed teacher with a lifetime of experience with animals.


Follow new and upcoming births of the new babies on the farm. Tammy showcases the entire farm, focusing on each group of animals as a subject,

You will be right there with her on Tammy's Ranch and able to ask questions as she takes you on the tours.


Tammy also shares about the daily farm activities and the products she produces on the farm, along with gardening techniques, making goat cheese, collecting chicken eggs, and making bread.


Learn what it takes to be self-sufficient!


Don't miss this opportunity to experience real farm life with beautiful and loved friendly animals that will touch your heart and leave you with many happy memories throughout your day.

Call or e-mail Tammy to Book your virtual ZOOM tour today!

 (916) 936-3456                 

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